Latest ASUS HP Price List for July 2022

Asus is a manufacturer of Taiwanese origin that is famous for its laptop products. Asus also has a mobile phone product line under the name Zenfone. Every mobile phone product released by Asus, must have a Zenfone frill. From the cheapest to the most expensive, almost all of them use Zenfone.

Starting in 2018, there began to be a line of ROG in their mobile phone series. Ni mobile phone is a mobile phone that is presented as a mobile phone for playing games.

Latest Asus Price List

So, how much does the latest Asus hp cost? The table below answers this question. This table contains data on the price of HP Asus in the online store. And as usual, generally the prices in online stores are cheaper than offline stores.

Asus itself is not too massive in producing Zenfone phones. Unlike other manufacturers who are vociferous and almost once a month issue mobile phone products. Asus, in fact, tends to have quite a long time in releasing a mobile phone product.

The product line of mobile phones from Asus itself, can be categorized in three types. This type is categorized by series and designations. The three types referred to are as follows.

  • Zenfone Series

The first product line is a series that is a mainstay of Asus or is Asus’ flagship in the realm of mobile phones. This series usually presents the Zenfone type followed by a number after it which indicates the generation of birth of the phone. Starting from the first generation Zenfone with three types of mobile phones, namely the 4-inch Zenfone, 5-inch Zenfone, and 6-inch Zenfone.

Next is Zenfone 2 which is a second-generation Zenfone that comes with various variants such as Laser, Max, and Selfie. Zenfone 3 is also presented by Asus as the successor to the second generation with almost the same naming. Likewise with zenfone 4.

After the Zenfone 4, Asus simplified its product line in the Zenfone 5. The Zenfone 5 series only has three products consisting of the Zenfone 5, the cheapest Zenfone 5Q, and zenfone 5z which comes with top specifications with an expensive price tag. Furthermore, Asus continues the generation with the Asus Zenfone 6 which has a flip camera.

Asus Zenfone series main series Zenfone flagship. It’s not strange that the features that the main series of Asus Zenfone have are always better than other series. Asus smartphones in this series are usually priced at a fairly high price, depending on the specifications offered.

  • Zenfone Max Series

The Zenfone Max Series comes as a Zenfone product line that focuses on battery life and performance. As the name implies, Max, the Asus Zenfone Max product line is generally with a large battery capacity. For performance, Asus Zenfone Max is also no less interesting because it offers a runway kitchen that is usually quite tight.

A cellphone that falls into this category, for example, is the Zenfone 3 Max which is followed by the Zenfone 4 Max. Furthermore, there is no naming of numbers that exist only Zenfone Max series such as Zenfone Max Plus, Zenfone Max M1, Zenfone Max Pro M1, Zenfone Max M2, and Zenfone Max M2 Pro. The Zenfone Max series is generally sold at a price of IDR 2 million to IDR 3 million.

  • Affordable Price Class Zenfone

If the Zenfone Max series is in the price class of IDR 2 million and IDR 3 million, then Asus presents a cheap Zenfone series specifically for the IDR 1 million market. For this market Asus has affordable products such as Asus Zenfone Go, Asus Zenfone Live L1 or Asus Zenfone Live L2. The line of smartphones is presented by Asus to meet the need for affordable hp from Asus.

In addition to these three series, Asus also has a special product line for playing games under the name ROG Phone. This phone is under the ROG division, which is a division from Asus that specifically presents devices for playing games. ROG Phone is a high-end smartphone and the price is also expensive.

Advantages of HP Asus

After knowing about ASUS products, let’s discuss the advantages of ASUS. What makes HP Asus worth looking at? The following points could be the answer.

  1. Asus phones tend to have okay designs even though they are sometimes boring.
  2. Asus is equipped with a relatively good Pixel Master camera technology.
  3. It is not stingy to provide operating system updates, at least twice.
  4. The price of asus hp is classified as a design and the hp sold has a good price to performance.
  5. Asus Service Center support that has spread throughout Indonesia.

Information about ASUS phones and the latest ASUS price list that has been presented can be a reference for those of you who want to buy an ASUS cellphone. However, in the end, buying a cellphone is still basically, that is, buy it according to funds and needs.

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