Asus ROG Phone Review: Deserves the Best Gaming Smartphone

There are many stories about the ASUS ROG Phone from 2018. The most interesting story is obviously about how many people are very enthusiastic about the presence of the ROG Phone, especially for performance and design.

Well performance, because indeed the main selling point of this phone is in the performance sector. The name is also gaming, meaning that you really have to be strong to play games.

The next question that comes to the fore is whether this ASUS ROG Phone is worthy of being called a gaming phone? Or is rog’s name, which is famous for its success in laptops, just a gimmick to make this phone sell well?

To answer this question, of course, it is necessary to prove whether the ROG Phone deserves to be called a phone that is specifically for gaming. Therefore, when this ROG Phone came to carisinyal editorial desk, I immediately tried this phone.

Because it offers a gaming concept, thediscussion of the ROG Phone review this time will focus on its performance. Of course, by testing the ROG Phone with a benchmark application and also testing with 10 games. Well, no kidding, I’m going to test 10 games on this phone.

However, of course discussing the game directly will not be exciting. Therefore, I will also discuss the features of the ROG Phone, especially those related to rog phone performance. . After that, just discuss the performance. As for other sectors, it will also be discussed such as design, screens, and cameras, only the discussion will not be too long.

Just take a look at the full review of the ROG Phone below. First, you can also check the full specifications of the following Asus ROG Phone.

Asus ROG Phone Specifications

Review Asus ROG Phone

1. Has Many Interesting Features

The first point that I will discuss is about features, especially features related to gaming. An example is the Game Genie feature seen in the image above. The feature serves to set the comfort of playing the game.

For example, the “Lock Mode” feature will turn off three capacitive buttons so that it will not make you quit the game accidentally when pressing the “home”, “recent apps”, or “back” buttons. There is also a feature “Real-time info that serves to provide information about FPS, temperature, and processor usage when playing a game.

Of course, there are many other interesting features that are also classified as fun in meeting gaming needs. There is a macro feature, there is a recording feature, there is also a feature so that when you play the game, there are no annoying calls or chats.

Another interesting feature of ROG Phone is X Mode. What is X Mode? This X Mode is a feature embedded by Asus on the ROG Phone to improve the capabilities and performance of the Snapdragon 845 chipset in the ROG Phone. This X Mode is found in the “Game Center” application, a special application that is indeed present on ROG Phone.

By enabling X Mode, ROG Phone will optimize processor and GPU performance. However, in practice, whether or not X Mode is actually active is not so influential on playing performance.

It’s just that, when the X Mode appears, the ROG logo on the back of the phone body will light up and change colors as shown in the picture above. When X Mode is off, the light on the ROG logo will turn off.

The game center feature is not only to activate X Mode. This feature is also useful for monitoring the condition of the ROG Phone. Information about how much RAM and internal memory capacity and not to forget the condition of the CPU and GPU is also shown.

In addition to these features, ROG Phone has a PowerMaster feature. From the name, it is clear that this feature is presented for battery optimization. When I use the ROG Phone myself, I rarely use this feature. In fact, this PowerMaster has many interesting features, especially for changing the battery mode to super saving mode.

That’s all the features in ROG Phone? Of course not, ROG Phone has many interesting features. This feature is not only to support gaming needs but also features that should be in a high-end phone. Take a look at the following image which is a collection of interesting features presented by rog phone.

It can be seen from the picture, that rog phone has special features. Many of these features are indeed important and not just a gimmick. Here are some interesting features in ROG Phone.

  • WiGig
  • WiGig Display
  • Cast
  • AiTriggers
  • NFC
  • Screenshot,
  • AudioWizard
  • Bluelight Filter
  • Multi Windows
  • Memory Cleaner
  • Visual HDR,
  • Refresh Rate Option
  • Glove Mode
  • X Mode, and more.

I didn’t write about another feature because it’s commonly present on a mobile phone. The interesting thing about these features is the WiGig feature. WiGig is the next generation of wifi technology that ispredicted to be faster and will replace wifi technology. This means that ROG Phone is ready with the next generation of internet technology.

Another interesting feature is the Glove Mode. This glove mode allows ROG Phone to be used using gloves. In addition, features related to the screen are also interesting, namely the HDR Visual and Refresh Rate features.

HDR Visual is a display technology supported by ROG Phone. This feature can be turned on or off. Sometimes I choose not to enable this feature because HDR Visuals sometimes feel warmer and darker in color.

There is also a feature to change the refresh rate of the screen. Rog Phone screen refresh rate is set by default with a refresh rate of 60Hz. You can change to 90Hz, it’s just that when I use an ROG Phone with a 90Hz screen by playing PUBG Mobile, the screen feels heavier and broken or maybe it’s because I’m not used to it.

Of course many other interesting features are discussed. Common features such as fingerprint sensor and face unlock are also actually interesting to discuss but these two sensors are commonly present in smartphones.

I won’t go deeper into these two features, which for sure both have a fast read sensor. Note to the fingerprint sensor, because the fingerprint sensor part has an unusual shape and position, it needs habituation so that the finger fits right on the fingerprint sensor part.

Other features are also obviously interesting and interesting. It’s just that I limit the discussion of this ROG Phone review so that it doesn’t widen too much. The focus of the discussion remains on the performance section. Other sectors are also certainly discussed, especially the battery sector which supports the durability of the ROG Phone.

2. ROG Phone Battery Life is Relatively Good

Speaking of batteries, ROG Phone is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 4,000 mAh. In terms of numbers, the capacity of this 4,000 mAh battery is quite large. I also feel that the capacity is indeed large and makes the phone have a good battery life.

For example, I played PUBG Mobile for 26 minutes, the power consumption was only reduced by 3%. On another occasion I played PUBG Mobile for 88 minutes, the power consumption was reduced by only 6%. When used to watch Youtube for 2 hours, ROG Phone battery consumption is only reduced by 3%.

If you look at the rog phone battery benchmark results using Geekbench 4, it appears that this ROG Phone battery has a score of 3,615 (medium). A fairly good score, of course. Moreover, in addition to its battery life which is classified as durable, ROG Phone also supports fast charging. I can charge from 15% to 100% with just 90 minutes.

One thing that rog phone might need to worry about is the back body that feels hot if used to play games for a long time. Because of this, ROG Phone has a temperature monitoring feature. However, temperature information alone is not enough. When the body feels hot, there needs to be a solution so that the gaming experience continues by not “resting” the phone.

For this reason, this ROG Phone is equipped with a separate cooler that can be used or installed on the ROG Phone body. Oh well, it’s called a cooling device because inside this style there is a fan that will sound when paired in the middle of the ROG Phone body. For more details consider the following pictures.

The cooling device can be easily paired because on the side of the ROG Phone there is a hole that is specifically for the installation of this cooler. The cooleralso doesn’t seem to interfere with the overall design of the phone because the design seems to be integrated with the phone, especially in the cooler, there is the ROG logo which can also light up.

3. Innovative ROG Phone Body Design

In addition to the presence of a cooler or cooler or whatever it is called, ASUS ROG Phone includes a special case for the phone. This case is made to be adapted to the shape of the ASUS ROG Phone design which has an attractive and unique design.

Well, the rog phone body design is indeed unique, interesting, and different. In fact, it can be said, this ROG Phone design is one of the best in 2018. Why? Because no other phone (which even identifies itself as a gaming cellphone) comes with a body design like the ROG Phone. That’s why the body design of this smartphone is different and interesting.

As a gaming entity, ASUS ROG Phone can be said to be a truly decent gaming phone. Lots of interesting features and not just a gimmick. There are also many features that are needed for gaming needs.

For performance, it is clear that asus ROG Phone has good performance. The phone’s performance can also improve when activating X Mode, although I myself do not feel a significant difference when X Mode is enabled and not. Especially looking at the benchmark facts that show that when X Mode is active, the benchmark value drops.

If you want to conclude, the advantages of the ASUS ROG Phone include several sectors such as: performance, attractive and different design, the presence of a cooling system (cooler), HDR screen, interesting features for gaming, long battery life and also has fast charging.

The downside? The shortcomings of the ASUS ROG Phone are almost minimal. Even if you want to mention, the camera is not too special because of the same module as the Asus Zenfone 5Z. About this camera, it is actually still understandable because of course if it presents a new and better camera, it will indirectly “kill” the Asus Zenfone 5Z.

One interesting note from the ASUS ROG Phone that I haven’t had time to discuss is about the port. ASUS ROG Phone already supports a USB Type-C port and also an audio jack port. The presence of an audio jack port is an advantage considering that many other high-end phones do not present this port.

In conclusion, ASUS ROG Phone is really a high-end gaming phone. The phone, which is ripped by the Snapdragon 845chipset with 8 GB of RAM, is worth choosing, especially for ROG lovers and mobile gaming enthusiasts.

Interested in this ASUS ROG Phone? You can get an ASUS ROG Phone that comes with 128 GB of storage and also this 512 GB storage variant in online and offline stores with prices starting at IDR 14 million. You can also buy this cellphone at Bukalapak via this link. Make sure to buy an ASUS ROG Phone that has an official Asus Indonesia warranty, well.

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