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    Healthy home flooring


    Mix and match the logs


          1. 混搭原木•正常家地板

            Mix and match the logs • healthy home flooring

            混搭风格糅合东西方美学精华元素,名将先后文化内蕴完美地结合于一体,丰厚运用空间形式与材料,创办出数字化的家居环境。 混搭并不是简单地把各种风格的要素放在一起做减法,而是把它们有主有次地结合在总共。 东欧元素的混搭是主流,从还有现代与民俗的混搭。在同一个空间里,无论是是“风与现时代”,还是“东欧合璧”,都要以一种风格为主,靠局部的规划增添空间的层系。

            Mashup style blend of Eastern and Western elements of the best of aesthetics, the ancient and modern cultural connotation perfect combination, make full use of space forms and materials to create a personalized home environment. Mashups do not simply put elements of various styles together for addition, but combine them one time and another. The mix of Chinese and Western elements is the mainstream, followed by modern and traditional mix and match. In the same space, whether it is "traditional and modern" or "combination of Chinese and western cultures", we should mainly adopt one style and add space by means of partial design.

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